Do you feel something tugging at your heart, leading you to consider new ways of nourishing your faith? Are you feeling that the hectic demands of life are preventing you from connecting with others? Chances are you are not alone in feeling that something in your life needs to change…..

ARISE Together in Christ

This is a wonderful process that involves many of the parishes of the Diocese of Scranton. It is a total parish experience designed to spiritually renew us while providing opportunities for us to grow in faith and community. It is a way to move into the future as a Church of hope.

At the heart of this process will be the gathering of small groups of people in homes and other locations throughout the parish to read and pray with the Scriptures. RENEW International (a Catholic ministry organization) will provide training for those who will lead this process in our parish. We are hoping as many people as possible will see this as a moment of grace and will participate.

What does the spiritual journey offered by ARISE look like?

Small Christian communities – groups of eight to twelve people – meet weekly read and reflect on Scripture, share how the Word of God relates to their daily life, and encourage each other into active discipleship. Groups meet once a week during a six-week season which begins the week of October 4th, 2015. There are five total seasons, however, you choose how many seasons to participate in. Each season has a Christ-centered gospel theme that is broken down into weekly topics and experienced in a variety of ways. Materials for reflection for the season’s topic are provided upon registration.

Season I        Fall 2015      Encountering Christ Today
Season II      Lent 2016    Change Our Hearts
Season III     Fall 2016      In the Footsteps of Christ
Season IV     Lent 2017    New Heart, New Spirit
Season V      Fall 2017      We Are the Good News

Goals of the ARISE process

  • Sharing and witnessing to the Word of God in Sacred Scripture
  • Developing vibrant communities of faith and service
  • Forging deeper relationships among parishioners and across diverse ethnic groups
  • Implementing a strategy for adult faith formation
  • Providing a concrete and practical means of evangelization
  • Enhancing the celebration of the Sunday liturgy

Important Dates

September 10-11, 2016: Sign Up Sunday Weekend
September 15, 2016: Training for small group leaders at Sts. Peter & Paul, Towanda, 6:00 – 8:00 pm
October 2, 2016: Small Christian Communities begin meeting

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ARISE Parish Formation Team

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Cathy Russo | [email protected]

Please ask us about ARISE; we are excited to speak to you about it.
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