Church Committees


Ralph Saggiomo (Ph: 888-4896)
Tom Salpino (Ph: 888-1614)

Anticipate/identify the needs of all current parishioners; identify and incorporate time, talent, and treasure of parishioners; evaluate and implement opportunities for better use of our resources, more involvement of parishioners, retaining of all current parishioners and registering new parishioners.


Fr. Bryan (570) 888-9641
Carol Meyer (570) 888-9594

Planning liturgy, inclusion of all current ministers, uniform training of procedures, and combination of choirs for various liturgies.

Art/ Environment

Mike Nagar (Ph: 888-7540)
Bill Hillyard (Ph: 596-2316)

Care for and continued maintenance; preparing of the environment inside as well as out to reflect the liturgical seasons. To identify significant artifacts from each parish.


Tressa Wells (Ph: 882-9332)

Care for hospitalized, nursing home, home bound members. Care for and assistance in time of death (bereavement team, funeral lunches), separated, widow and divorced.

Religious Education



Greg Friedman (Ph: 888-6035)
Tom Collins (Ph: 888-6821)

Keep parishioners informed through effective communication.


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The Catholic Faith Explained
Define the major differences between Catholicism and Judaism
Epiphany Church History Epiphany Church “Fun” Facts
List at least 20 Scranton Catholic Churches (give 1-2 sentence explanation of each)
Why should one join Epiphany Church?
Why do I need to register at the Catholic Church?
What church activities does Epiphany Church offer?

If interested, please email Jeff Hopeck or call him directly at 404-323-6140.

*Mr. Ralph Meyer and Father Andrew Hvozdovic are ex-officio members of all committee’s.
*It is the desire of the Implementation Team that there will be representation from all parishes serving on the above committees.
*Please contact the chairpersons if you are interested.