Despite Attention; Pope Process Largely a Secret

SAYRE, Pa. (WETM-18) – Catholics in the Twin Tiers are now focusing on Vatican City as Church leaders begin to select the next Pope. But most of that process is an ancient secret.

At mass at The Church of the Epiphany in Sayre on Monday, the Priest and Catholics were all talking about the voting for the next Pope in Vatican City.

“Oh yes, we will watch it on the Internet,” said Gisela Falkenberg of Athens. “I’m following on the news,” said MaryAnn Kelly on her way into church.

It’s a process people at the church will be following. They’ll be watching very closely along with more than 1 billion Catholics from all over the world. But really all they’re watching for is a smoke signal from a chimney on a roof in Vatican City. It’s a very secretive process.

Beginning Tuesday, more than 100 Cardinals will be locked in the Sistine Chapel, to pick the next Pope, likely one of them. They’re cut off from the outside world. Electronic blockers are set up to keep any communication from getting out…. continue reading

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