Minister Schedule

Oct 2 – Dec 26, 2010

Minister Roster

All Ministers:

There will be a bottle of hand sanitizer in the Sacristy, please use this to sanitize your hands before Mass begins.

When we all reach the sanctuary, we pause, bow and then Lector two puts the Gospel book on the Altar and the rest of us go to our respective places.

The order for the ministers to process in is as follows: Altar Servers, Lector, Eucharistic Ministers, Celebrant. The reverse is true for the recessional, and both Lectors take part.

Altar Servers:

As of the weekend of November 28/29 the colored cinctures (belts) will have been moved from St. John’s Church to Epiphany. There will be a calendar posted on the bulletin board that will inform you what color cincture to wear each Sun. If you are serving on a Sat, please wear the color for Sunday. This is to coordinate your cincture with the vestments the Celebrant is wearing.

Also, the processional candles will be moved from St. John’s Church to Epiphany. They will be kept on a table in the reconciliation room along with the cross currently being used. There will be a change in lining up when we process to the Sanctuary. The Altar Servers will all go to the right, when the celebrant goes to the venerate the Altar, all servers move into the reconciliation room, Cross goes on hooks, candles go on table, do NOT blow the candles out, Cross bearer goes to their seat, the other two servers walk through the passage way behind the Altar and to their seats in the Sanctuary. The process is reversed for the recessional. Remember to blow the candles out after mass.

Altar Server Procedures

Eucharistic Minister

Eucharistic Minister Procedures

Lector Procedures