Ministries of Community

The ministry of Community reflects the mission of Evangelization and our relationships with each other and those beyond our parish and local area.

Ministries of Community

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee works to help the parish and its ministries send their messages effectively to and receive input from our parishioners and the community using a variety of modern communication tools.

Contacts: Betsy Mooney, 570-888-9641

Marriage Preparation

Couples contemplating marriage meet with a priest at least six months prior to their planned wedding date. The priest will complete the initial paperwork, schedule the wedding, and then refer the couple to the Marriage Preparation Committee. The Marriage Preparation Committee will outline the Diocesan requirements for marriage preparation, discuss the pre-Cana process, assure coordination with the Director of Music, and prepare the couple for marriage in accordance with the Diocesan requirements. The committee also assists in the rehearsal and the wedding.

Contact: Carol & Ralph Meyer; 570-888-9594; Email Carol and Ralph Meyer

Funeral Liturgy Preparation

This ministry assists bereaved families in planning funeral liturgies. Help is offered in the selection of appropriate music and readings and in finding musicians.

Contact: Joan Schoonover, 570-888-7460; Email Joan Schoonover

Social Events Committee

The Social Events Committee promotes the Corporal Works of Mercy in an effort to bring all age groups of our faith community closer to one another and share God’s love and concern for our fellow parishioners and the community as a whole. Activities of the committee include monthly free community meals, funeral luncheons, Lenten reflections, parish celebrations and several fundraisers. The committee meets throughout the year and is kept well-informed through emails and the bulletin.

Contacts: Bill Hillyard, 570-596-2316; Email Bill Hillyard

Welcoming Committee

The Welcoming Committee’s goal is to enhance the welcoming environment at Epiphany Parish.  The members will personally interact with all new parishioners to welcome them to our community.  The committee will also work to create a lively parish where all feel welcome to enter and participate in Church activities.

Contacts: Carter Lynch; 570-423-3988, [email protected]