Ministries of Service

The ministry of Service is central to living out the Gospel and encompasses activities related to serving those in need and making justice a lived value in the parish.

Ministries Of Service

Administrative Parish Staff

The Administrative Staff is composed of the Pastor, the Assistant Pastor and the School

Contact: Parish Office; 570-888-9641

Art & Environment Committee

The Art & Environment Committee takes care of all our buildings and grounds, making sure that needed maintenance is identified and completed. They also do annual insurance inspections of all the buildings. In addition, they decorate the Church for different liturgical seasons.

Contacts: Mike Nagar, 570-888-7540; Email Mike Nagar; Bill Hillyard, 570-596-2316; Email Bill Hillyard

Collection Team

The Collection Team meets each Sunday to count the receipts from the weekend masses and prepare them for deposit. The team rotates the counting responsibilities so that each member participates on one or two Sundays each month.

Contact: Fr. Andrew Hvozdovic, 570-888-9641

Finance Council

The Parish Finance Council is a consultative body of laypersons appointed by the Pastor to advise him in matters pertaining to the financial affairs of the parish. The Council meets quarterly.

Contact: Fr. Andrew Hvozdovic, 570-888-9641

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council acts as an advisory body to the pastor on the pastoral work of the parish. It assists in parish and collaborative planning and policy development and it proposes practical ideas to the pastor concerning the on-going life and mission of the parish.

Contact: Fr. Andrew Hvozdovic, 570-888-9641