Ministries of the Word

The ministry of the Word includes education, formation and life-long catechesis. It encompasses evangelization, Catholic School Ministry, youth and young adult ministry, as well as forms of religious education for all ages.

Ministries Of The Word

Adult Faith Formation

This ministry includes continuing catechesis for adult parishioners who, through the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist) are in full communion with the Catholic Church. Parish adults receive catechesis regularly at Mass each weekend by the homilies given by our parish priests. Adults are also invited join small faith-sharing groups and to attend seasonal studies in the Faith which include Scripture Study, Advent and Lent spirituality sessions, and days of recollection and similar offerings given by guest presenters. These catechetical opportunities arise in response to the needs of the adult parishioners who face the challenges of living daily with the reality of family life, the economy, health issues, and all areas of Gospel discipleship. Adult catechesis is also available through diocesan programs and links on the diocesan website

Contact: Father Daniel A. Toomey, Pastor, 570-888-9641

Catechesis for the Sacraments

Epiphany Parish Catechists prepare parishioners and their families for the reception of the Sacraments as they occur within the Liturgical Year. Preparation for Eucharist/Reconciliation and for Confirmation are both two-year programs. Baptism preparation is flexible and is determined by the readiness of the family or the catechumen. The basic criteria for the reception of all the Sacraments are the desire and preparedness of the individual to receive them. The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a special ministry for the reception of non-Catholics and is described separately below.

Contact: Father Daniel A. Toomey, Pastor, 570-888-9641

Epiphany Faith Library

Our mission is to provide both religious information and inspiration to our faith community.  We are located in the convent behind the Epiphany School (627 Stevenson Street in Sayre).   We offer a variety of books on the saints, church history, Christian fiction, children & youth, and more.  Books may be borrowed for three weeks and returned at the convent or in a basket at the back of each church.  To view a list of our books and our library hours of operation, please visit the Epiphany Parish website. Contact us if you have questions, a book you would like to donate, or if you would like us to pick up a specific book for you and leave it with your name on it in the book basket at church.

Contact: [email protected] or Maureen Wright, 570-423-0936

Epiphany Parish Youth Ministry (ECHO)

The mission and goal of the Epiphany Parish Youth Ministry is to bring all the teens of our parish closer to God through peer relationships, volunteering in and beyond the community and having fun with this “hands-on” catechesis.  Our teens are connected year-round and participate in parish events as active helpers alongside the adult parishioners.  Teens are provided opportunities to participate in a week long summer mission trip and attend pilgrimages to Washington, DC with the March for Life, to Steubenville, OH for a weekend at a Youth Conference (teen leadership at the national level), to the Scranton Diocesan Light the Fire and to other events that offer opportunities for service and worship during the year.  ECHO is basically self-funded and the teens run many service projects within the community to earn the money needed for their extensive events.

Contact: David Scheftic, 607-727-0401; [email protected]

Epiphany School

The mission of Epiphany School is to challenge students through a program of academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment with the influence of the Congregation of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Epiphany School follows the curriculum guidelines outlined by the Diocese of Scranton and welcomes pre-K through sixth grade students. We provide a Catholic education that is spiritually sound and academically excellent. We strive to prepare our students to be faith-filled leaders and life-long learners dedicated to serving the Church and society. Major fund raisers include the Junior High Basketball Tournament, The Epiphany Four-Month Lotto Calendar and RACE for Education. Other activities include the Father/Daughter Dance, Boys and Girls Basketball (5th & 6th grades), Christmas and Spring Concerts, Spelling Bee, Mission Day, and Fun and Field Day.

Contact: Sr. Kathleen Kelly, Principal, 570-888-5802; Email Sr. Kathleen Kelly

Religious Faith Formation and Education of Youth

This ministry includes the catechetical education of children in elementary grades, junior high and senior high. Religious studies and enrichment are available for the elementary grades during the school year, September through May. These studies introduce the young children to the Life of Jesus, to prayer, and to Christian service. Children and their parents are prepared for the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist by attending classes together during the second grade studies. Provisions are made for older children who have not received these Sacraments in grade two. Parents take an active role in this preparation as they are the primary educators of their children. Weekly attendance at Mass is primary and essential to the Religious Faith Formation of our children. Families come to Mass to be with God and God’s People, to hear God’s Word and to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus.

Religious studies and enrichment and the preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation take place during the school year for seventh and eighth graders. The two-year program for the reception of the Sacrament includes the continuing Faith Formation studies begun at the elementary level. In addition, Confirmation Candidates participate in outreach to the community, participate in a Day of Retreat, and attend the Liturgies of Holy Week.

Contact: Jenny Riley – [email protected]om

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

RCIA is the process by which the Catholic Community welcomes adults into the Church. This process is rooted in the early church and has been restored to us by the Second Vatican Council. The process includes at least six months of study on Catholic tradition, practices, scripture, prayer and the sacramental life. Those enrolled in the RCIA are welcomed into the church through several special rites which are celebrated at specific Sunday liturgies. Catechumens and Candidates complete the process by being baptized (if required) and confirmed and by receiving the Eucharist at the Great Vigil of Easter. Parishioners serve as their Catechists and their initial sponsors. Liturgical Sponsors rise from within the parish community and join the Catechumens and Candidates on their journey during the season of Lent or sooner.

Contact: Carol Meyer, 570-888-9594; Email Carol Meyer

Spiritual Growth Committee

The Spiritual Growth Committee plans and coordinates events that enhance the spiritual growth of our parish. These may be pilgrimages, retreats, devotions, special liturgies or other events developed by our parish, or inspired by the spiritual direction of our diocese or the Universal Church. The Traveling Chalice program, which encourages parishioners to pray for an increase in vocations, is also coordinated through this committee.

Contact: Cathleen Maggi; 570-888-3957, [email protected]