The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the process by which the Catholic Community welcomes adults into the Church. This process is rooted in the early church and has been restored to us by the Second Vatican Council. The process includes at least six months of study on Catholic tradition, practices, scripture, prayer and the sacramental life. Those enrolled in the RCIA are welcomed into the church through several special rites which are celebrated at specific Sunday liturgies. Catechumens and Candidates complete the process by being baptized (if required) and confirmed and by receiving the Eucharist at the Great Vigil of Easter. Parishioners serve as their Catechists and their initial sponsors. Liturgical Sponsors rise from within the parish community and join the Catechumens and Candidates on their journey during the season of Lent or sooner.

The RCIA calendar and registration information can be found here:

RCIA Calendar: Download Calendar
RCIA Registration Information:
Application for RCIA and the Easter Sacraments
Checklist for RCIA Documentation

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