Time. Talent. Treasure.

It was just over a year ago when St. John’s, St. Ann’s, and St. Joseph’s and Epiphany came together to form Epiphany Parish. Much of the physical consolidation is complete.

Now it is time for each of us examine our personal role. What do we want to be able to accomplish with our parish today? What do we want the parish to look like when we hand it over to our children and grandchildren?

Over the coming weeks we will ask everyone to explore how they view their role in the parish, and to define the ways in which they can help our Catholic community remain strong and vibrant in and around the Valley.

Initially, we will ask everyone to make a financial commitment to the parish. This involves your prayerful consideration to review your financial role in support of our parish, and how you will be able to express your support in 2011.

Once you have considered what you can do on an annual basis, then you alone can best determine how this commitment is to be fulfilled. For some of us, it may mean a new level of weekly gifts to the offertory. Other may be more comfortable with a monthly payment, and still others may opt to make payments on another timeline.

Every answer is a good one. In asking for you to share this commitment, the parish can better plan its expenses.

You will be receiving a letter at home with specific opportunities for you to consider your renewed commitment. Together, before Christmas we will celebrate this collective commitment of our parish to itself.

It is important to know that to thrive as a parish we must also look beyond the generous act of a financial contribution. Indeed, to truly a vibrant faith community as a parish we must have engaged and involved parishioners.

Our need for your time and your talent is equally important. The opportunities for you to become involved are nearly limitless. Every parish ministry can use a set of willing hands and caring heart.

Some opportunities require a couple hours a week, others once or twice a month, and still others are needed based on a given situation.

Together, we can accomplish so much through and for our parish, ourselves, our families, neighbors, and community.
Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration.